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Civils Asset Management

RH Irving Industrials

What is Civil Asset Management? This is the term R H Irving Industrial's has used to cover the scopes of work we carry out on (National Gird) live or dormant sites to ensure that they are maintained from the health and safety perspective.  The scopes of work vary, but due to R H Irving’s in-depth knowledge of National Grid, as well as to the diverse and highly skilled work force we have, this relatively new area of project work has proved very successful.

We have built a robust working relationship with the principal contractor for most of these sites and they too understand the varying dimensions of the scopes of work involved.  Having a sub-contractor who has the flexibility and none contractual mentality is key to the prompt, on budget completion with a safe and workable mind-set.

The works R H Irving has taken to hand have varied from demolition of old walls, re-building of stone or brick walls, design and installation of retaining walls, re-pointing of bridges spanning water courses, safety fencing adjacent to water courses and railways, shrub clearance, toxic waste removal i.e.: drug related, road repairs, bridge expansion joints, fences and gates.  Projects in planning stage with more in-depth scopes are river side reinstatement with large sections of piling to retain erosion and potential water course contamination; railway viaduct repairs with large concrete form replacement on working lines above water course areas; environmental issues, contamination, blocked water courses or over flows creating serious safety entrapment issues.  These have to be addressed and resolved in a planned, well researched and controlled manner following stringent work practises and using specialist equipment where required.

In some cases R H Irving has engaged with relevant engineering expertise such as Curtin's Consulting who we often work with for solution, design, calculation and verification needs; Up and Under for specific bridge related issues and reporting requirements and ACT Environmental for their specialist services and reporting.  Having these long term relationships ensures the clarity and professionalism needed for confidence in providing workable solutions.

Civils Asset Management is about knowing the right partners to bring to the table, who will work in a positive, proactive and safety conscious manner.  This enables R H Irving to deliver the complete package through to final handover. The skill and training given to R H Irving’s employees means that the men who lead these works on site have the knowledge and mind set to know what is right and what is wrong.  Just getting the job done is not the finite aim; maintaining safe practises, stopping a procedure and re assessing the requirement or method of executing the works is paramount to ensure the project is finished without incident.

Over the years, R H Irving has entertained a host of large contracts on various sites.  The experiences gained on these projects have given the company the experience and enabled it to look at all works with an open mind.  Having the management team who can address the various areas, civils, health and safety and electrical means we have a vast draw of skills and experiences most gained on National Grid Substation or Gas sites throughout the UK.  Working in these testing environments and maintaining the safety conscious mind set, is the hurdle others do not manage to vault.

We know our limitations and will openly say if something is a challenge too far, but in most cases we will have the solution, recommendation or suggestion of a new avenue for you to follow rather than a closed door.

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At R H Irving Industrials we have had the foresight to see that just CCTV or physical measures are not enough these days. We are able to offer one or all the disciplines required to secure any site whatever size - even to the point of including custom made, automatic, electric and cantilever gates.