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"Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation and marketing of PowerFence Security Systems" and R H Irving Industrials Ltd is proud to have been a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner since 2006. R H Irving’s first encounter with Gallagher and its products was during a full perimeter PowerFence installation on one of the country's largest receiving facilities on the east coast of England. As one of the company’s first major CNI Installations, the size and scope of this project, tested R H Irving in many respects and proved that the company was ideally suited to large utilities installations. R H Irving’s ability to listen to its customers, design and deliver were the main contributing factors to the success of this project throughout the installation to the final commissioning. The site is still maintained and serviced by R H Irving engineers.

Gallagher is constantly developing and introducing new innovations to the market place which keeps the company as the number one manufacturer of Electric PID Security Systems, especially in the utilities market place. To enable these new products to be successful they need Channel Partners who they know they can rely on for all aspects of support, this relationship with R H Irving is second to none. Both companies work closely to ensure the final installation of the Gallagher products are to the highest standards and exceed their expectations whenever possible.

R H Irving was appointed Premier Channel Partners many years ago and boasts the title whenever possible with pride as we are responsible for so many of the largest utility installations in the UK.  This is something others struggle to deliver with the matched ease, quality and commitment.

Having a comprehensive understanding of PowerFence is only part of the success, at R H Irving it is part of our DNA. We live and breathe these products along with the associated fabrication required to make the installations a success. Having all the fabrication in-house, the strain post manufacture and gates with associated fittings makes the initial designs for these sites seamless.

As a company R H Irving is not about the final bid price. We want to be involved in the early stages to allow us to bring added value and expertise to the designs and installations. So often major clients think the specification is final, but with experience we know there are grey areas which raise issues that can often make what should be simple designs complicated and costly.

R H Irving is proactive,we highlight, amend, advise throughout the whole design process and not leaving it to the final stages. If early intervention is embraced it leaves R H Irving with the responsibility of ensuring specifications are met with the full support of Gallagher who will verify our designs or technical queries when required. This gives the client the confidence that R H Irving will deliver the final product to meet the specification all the way through to commissioning.

With all the associated disciplines in-house at R H Irving, the designs are simplified with our AutoCAD engineers who again have these systems in their veins. Detailed drawings from post configuration through to zone layout, mains supplies, cabinet layout and termination details are imperative to ensure designs are approved and verified to the correct specification. Large systems evolve and with this, the specification can change so knowing you are working through the designs with R H Irving gives you the confidence that the forward thinking has been done and any innovations available will be highlighted, included or ruled out. Documentation of these processes is vital ensuring full conformity with the approved and verified installation including any associated calculations for foundation, strain or wind loadings.

Gallagher PowerFence is what we do and we know how to deliver  "Securing our Nation’s Utilities" and not content there we also maintain them, even the ones we did not install.

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At R H Irving Industrials we have had the foresight to see that just CCTV or physical measures are not enough these days. We are able to offer one or all the disciplines required to secure any site whatever size - even to the point of including custom made, automatic, electric and cantilever gates.