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Lochrin Bain SEAP Rated Products

High Security Palisade - Lochrin Bain - Lochrin Bain Combi - WeldMesh – 358 Prison Mesh - Securifor - Chain Link - SEAP - SEAP Base - NGTS2.22 - DH 10 Issue 2, 3 and 4 - Green Book – NG Generic Design Manual - ISS

When you receive a tender from the Utilities Sector these are just some of the specifications that will be referred to in the documentation.  These Specifications are set out in order for contractors to quote on an informed and level basis.  This principle is hard enough before then trying to achieve design, installation and final verification leading to a clean client handover / commissioning process.

R H Irving Industrial's is in a position to take the headache out of the above process.  We know these specifications and have designed, manufactured, delivered and installed to meet the specifics required time and time again.  We are able to decipher the ambiguity that can be present and make clear sense of what is actually required.  Our long term relationships with the preferred manufacturers can make the procurement process seamless as they too have a complete understanding of the specification requirements.

A great example of this is R H Irving’s close ties with Lochrin Bain, which is one of the well-established manufacturers in this market place.  Having this close relationship from procurement to installation means all parties are focused on quality delivery. The understanding of this product and its interface with the perimeter detection systems such as the Gallagher products is imperative to ensure conformity and verification.

Lochrin Bain Fencing Systems can be supplied to meet differing SEAP ratings depending on how the design is put together, taking other aspects into consideration such as the PowerFence detail or interfacing with a specific gate.  Gates are critical to the overall specification whether they need to be the Lochrin Bain design or something such as the Inova Automated Cantilever.  These gates also need to confirm to the overall fence specification, which may be mesh, 358 Prison Mesh, Lochrin Bain or other.  To ensure these are supplied and meet the exacting criteria is instrumental to the R H Irving package.  The understanding and ability to provide the in-depth detailed drawings ensures the client can be confident that the design specification and verification will be 100% correct, which is where R H Irving stands out from the competition.

Concrete foundation dimensions and structure can vary dramatically and installation methods can be complex, in addition on a live operational site other dimensions are thrown into the equation which contractors without the necessary experience do not appreciate or understand.  So often the phrase "it's only a fence" has been heard and later swallowed with pain as the realisation has just hit home of the true extent of the civil works required to support a 26 pale SEAP Base Rated system.

The experience that R H Irving have gained from early CNI installations in HV Substations along with the Langeled Receiving Facility project sets the company apart from others.  Its ability to take experiences, learn and try to improve are testament to why R H Irving is probably one of the most sort after contractor in the utilities market place for such installations.  Competition is healthy and we never want to take that dimension away, but when you have leading civils partners returning time and time again with repeat orders, it's evident we are in a position to offer high quality value for money installations

In R H Irving’s experience the key to a high quality high security fence installation is AutoCAD, team work, design, planning, in-house manufacturing and the ability to work closely with the principal contractor in an open and honest relationship.  

Ring one of the R H Irving Industrial's team, meet, discuss parameters and get us on board early.  We will make it seamless throughout all the different scopes, helping you deliver on time and on budget enabling you to pick up repeat business from mutual clients who operate in the utilities market.

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At R H Irving Industrials we have had the foresight to see that just CCTV or physical measures are not enough these days. We are able to offer one or all the disciplines required to secure any site whatever size - even to the point of including custom made, automatic, electric and cantilever gates.