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Gallagher offers a range of perimeter security technologies aimed at deterrence and detection.

F22 Fence Controller

The Gallagher F22 Fence Controller is a networked controller which actively deters and detects intruder attempts on the perimeter fence. It monitors and controls perimeter security by sending regulated, non-lethal, electrical pulses around the perimeter fence.

K20 Tensioner Link System

The Gallagher K20 Tensioner Link System provides a reliable, efficient, and consistent method of configuring Gallagher perimeter security electric fences. The Tensioner Link System hardware moves all electrical connections to a common point on the tensioner.

Z10 Tension Sensor

Gallagher’s Z10 Tension Sensor is an intelligent electronic perimeter security device.  The dynamic sensor integrates with Gallagher’s Command Centre software management platform to provide superior fence wire disturbance detection.

Z20 Tension Sensor

The Z20 Disturbance Sensor is compatible with both electric and non-electric fencing.  The Z20 heightens perimeter security through intelligent detection of vibration or movement of the fence structure. Alarms are generated when disturbance meets predefined criteria.

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